CVC Sputtering Systems


                                                                CVC  611                                              CVC 601


CVC 611
system has been designed with maximum thin film sputtering process flexibility as major objective. For the
research and development scientist or production process engineer, the CVC 611 is an ideal tool for dependable
cost effective operation.


CVC 601
The CVC 601 is a totally flexible sputtering system with RF diode RF magnetron, DC diode, DC triode,
and DC magnetron sputtering modes. RF bias and RF sputter etch are also available as options.




Physical Vapor Deposition PVD coating technology – DC Magnetron sputtering, RF sputtering, Electron Beam Evaporation or
Thermal Evaporation Systems – there is probably a more advanced CPA version that is tested, proven and will give you more for
your money.